Epics Fx Studios is a state-of-the-art visual effects and, animation studios , operating in, Mexico City-Los Angeles, Jakarta, Istanbul. and London markets.

Here are some of the projects and achievements, our companies delivered to US and European clients, this past years.

In 2012, our México City office delivered the Vfx of an 15 century European epic movie, Conquest 1453, where two Byzantine cities, and parts of Genoa and Vatican cities were built in 3D environment to its original legacy. Movie broke the charts and became the most watch movie of Turkey till 2014.

We have proudly finished an animation segment of a Feature Animation Film, and a USA release, Saava, where the lead voice actress are Milla Jovovich,, Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Pesci . The movie expected to be released at the movie theatres by 2015. Produced by Glukoza Productions from Europe.

AnotherAnimation Feature film, A Dutch-Turkish production release for Europe and Turkey, is Evliya Celebi: The Fountain of Youth, where the Eurimages , Fund of the Council of Europe awarded our co-founder and Director-Producer Serkan Zelzele, with financial support, winning the status, project of the European Cultural Bridge, over passing all other animation film applicants including Spain that year . Serkan Zelzele, later was awarded full support of Turkish Film Counsel as well as the funds from Cultural Ministry as the top financials awards of the year. Film is being released early 2015..

In October 2014, one of our animation series called Kubi; written, and directed bySerkan Zelzele, was selected among the best Preschool work of Mexico in 2014 and presented in Cannes, France by ProMexico, (produced by Pixotic Studios). Immediately after, Kubi Series has been reviewed by Karen Miller, Head of Walt Disney Worldwide Acquisitions,, and Roland Meier from Nickelodeon Jr Acquisitions and co-production.

Our studios, also provided high quality work for various tv channels such as History Channel (US), Science Channel (US), Disney Singapore, Weather Channel (US), TRT Kids (Turkey), ATV (Turkey), and so on.
We also produce Commercial Visual Effects and Animations for Well-known Companies in Turkey such as Dominos, Daikin, Galataport İstanbul and Garanti Bank.

It was founded by Serkan Zelzele, Cihan Karademir and Eric Kawi.